Vision and Mission Statement


This site is the spiritual mirror that reveals the Amazing, Funny, Incredible, Smart Wonderful and Kind Being that you truly are. Nothing to change… nothing to fix: just to help you assume and manifest the perfect creation that you already are.


This site will use all available means to bring to our brothers and sisters –our extended family-, the knowledge and awareness that we are part of a wonderful and perfect creation; that we are cells in an indivisible universal body; and as such, our responsibility is to assume and manifest our divinity in that esprit de corps*.

*Esprit de corps

In a social sense, Esprit de Corps is the ability to express the feelings and actions that promote cooperation, harmony, cohesion and goodwill among members of a group.

Esprit de Corps generates vibrations and currents of help and support. It is the spirit that exists within a family, an organization, a country, or an athletic team.

In we use the phrase Esprit de Corps as the vital spirit that exists in the human physical body, where each of the millions of cells that makes up the body cooperates, carrying out its specific function, not only to avoid the death of an organ and the extinction of an organism, but to continue the overwhelming thrust of life that characterizes the universe.

We believe that it is in that spirit of cooperation that the human race will reach its whole divinity, justice for all, and happiness.

Vision and Mission Statement

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